A perfect storm

Tracy sitting among the art at Adobe

It rained today. A lot! It’s been raining for about two weeks now with brief periods of sunshine in between. But today was a different story. Today was the day the skies opened up and dumped buckets…wheelbarrows…no, dumptrucks of rain on us.

My client’s offices are in a converted warehouse. The communications department is crammed into cubicles on the second floor with a skylight that’s meant to provide a sliver of natural light. Minutes before noon, the time I normally leave for the day, sheets of water began slamming against the roof. If you stood beneath the skylight, it was so loud you could hardly hear people talking. This tummult when on and on and on, accompanied by the thunder and lightning you’d expect from such a storm. And with some crazy wind and hail to boot.

At about 12:15 I decided to go down in the lobby and wait for the deluge to subside a bit so I could make a break for it (since my umbrella was, of course, in my car). No such luck. The water just kept coming. I stood watching trees swaying, rain spattering and people sprinting beneath umbrellas through the parking lot.

Finally, a co-worker offered me the use of his umbrella to trek to my car and I was able to escape. Yet as much as it was a nuisance, it was also very cool. The sky was nearly as dark as night and the sound of the rain was even beautiful at times.

The sun burst from the clouds again mid-afternoon and dried off the pavement in time for me to walk the pooches. My drenched feet and two hours without power aside, it’s been a pleasant day.

Note to yesterday’s anonymous poster: Of course I won’t forget about lunch on Sunday (at least not this time)!