Of tulips and Friends

I am SO buying these tulips again this year

Is it possible that I really took 52 photos in the span of 12 minutes? And my husband doesn’t want me to get the new camera. (As if it wouldn’t get plenty of use, honey.)

Now back to the tulips…I actually bought a ton of bulbs last year and fumbled the whole thing. Only three got planted in the root-encrusted side yard. It took me half an hour to get those in the ground and I lost my momentum for the rest. Wasteful, wasteful. Yet these ruffled tulips are so darn beautiful. I am definitely going to buy some more bulbs this year and get those roots out of there ahead of time. I need more of these in my yard.

One last thing: I am SO going to watch Friends tonight. Yes, I’m a fan of the show, as lemming-like as that might be. I scoff at the hordes of Survivor watchers, so I surely understand the disdain that many people feel toward Friends. But I’ve been watching since the very first episode. I did, admittedly, turn away during season three. It had become too much of a sensation and there were all of these new account execs showing up at my agency with Jennifer Aniston hair. It was starting to weird me out.

But I came back to it. And I love it. There’s something about the writing that just keeps me interested. I giggle several times during the episodes in the same way I did with Seinfeld. The difference is that these characters are supposed to be likable, whereas George and Elaine were meant to get on your nerves. Either way, it’s a comedy about the little things that people are dealing with and I’ve enjoyed watching it.

Which means…I’m going to ball my eyes out during the final hour. If I cried during the last episode of M*A*S*H*, you can bet I’m going to cry tonight. Darn it. The series started the year I moved to Chicago and met my husband. That was a time of change and excitement for me, and I kind of associate the show with the friends I met then and the things that were going on in my life. So it’s definitely bittersweet. Ten years. Egad!