Lucifer II

Vase crafted by Mary Doezema; flowers from Fruitbasket Flowerland

I have a strange cat. A naughty cat. Her name is Lucy. She eats things that I think most cats just wouldn’t. Like socks. Sweaters. Underwear. Beware anyone who leaves clothing out and about in our home: you may very well find a hole in it.

Like other cats, though, Lucy likes to eat plants. But she doesn’t just casually nibble. She goes to town on vegetation. I left a gerbera daisy in a vase high up on a bookshelf one day. I got up the next morning to find all of the petals gone. Poof! And she’s not content with just flowers. I was making a salad last week and turned around to find her head stuck in the salad spinner, trying desperately to pilfer a spinach leaf.

She’s weird.

But she’s also cute and funny. So I have to live with her quirks. And that means living without fresh flowers or plants in my home. It can be depressing sometimes. I used to love to bring home bunches of tulips or daisies for the mantel. It really brightened up the living room — and my mood.

Out of desperation for some form of flower therapy, I purchased some silk flowers the other day. If you’re not standing right next to them, they do look like the real thing. So this seemed like a good alternative. Until I found the little stinker climbing up to chew on them. They’re fake, damnit! Why would she want to chew on fake flowers? Fortunately for me she seems to have lost interest for now and my floral display is safe from harm. At least temporarily. She’s just lucky she’s so darn cute.