Friends & Family

Yeah, right

Waiting for Tracy at The Limited

My well-intentioned resolutions from yesterday’s post just didn’t fall into place so easily. Predictable, I’m sure. The excuse I’m offering up for my purchases, though, is that they were on sale and who could pass that up? Especially the mint-green capris. Tracy scored a lovely outfit as well. The shoes? I shall remain mum on that issue. You can just come to your own conclusions based on how well, or not, you know me.

It’s great to catch up with friends, even for something as mundane as a shopping jaunt. Really, you can live within a few miles of each other and go months without a sighting. Not intentionally, but because of the lifestyles we all seem to lead. So touching base, even at bi-monthly intervals, is always welcome. How can I not want to spend time with a girl who has a simple explanation as to why capri pants fit me better than her: “You’re just not bootylicious.” Well, now I know.

Oh, and check out the rappin’ Easter bunny (via Gwen).