Window shopping

Farm along the Paul Henry Trail

Going shopping tonight with Tracy. I really shouldn’t spend any money, but looking won’t hurt, right? I was talking to a friend at work about the whole shopping thing just this morning. I’ve read articles about people who are addicted to shopping. My co-worker thinks she might be. I can see that happening.

Sometimes I just look for an excuse to go out and buy something. Something I probably don’t need, but there’s this urge nonetheless. My solution to this is that I plan to hold up everything, eye it truthfully, and ask myself vital questions. Will I wear it? Will I cook with it? Will I read it? Does my dog indeed need another Kong? Do I need these very cool shoes? (Actually, I think I really might need the shoes. I’ve visited them several times and am still very fond of them.) Maybe that approach will work. Or maybe it won’t. I guess we’ll see tonight.