All decked out

Shiny and bright

So about those frasier firs…they’re deadly! I have scratches all over my hands from stringing lights and hanging ornaments. Especially annoying when you’re running hot water over them while doing dishes. I’m sorely tempted to go for the artificial (not fake, right Kip?) version next time ’round. We’ll see.

Other tree musings…

Pete didn’t like it. We knew he wouldn’t. The minute he saw it coming through the door he scampered upstairs. He finally emerged after a couple of hours in time for me to start with the ornaments. I dropped one and off he went again.

Cats like trees. Even the spiky, prickly ones. They both sat underneath it, staring up in amazement. Although I think the prickliness is enough to keep Lucy out of the tree this year, which is a positive thing. I don’t really appreciate her tree-climbing antics.

Check those lights before you start wrapping. Duh, right? Well, I didn’t. Luckily it was the bottom strand that was defective.

You can have too many snowman ornaments. Something I noticed as I was trying to strategically place them. Snowman here, snowman there. Hmmm…maybe I need to explore some other designs.