Jingle, jingle

One of the few non-snowman ornaments

Or is it creak, creak?

We’ve had a plethora of creaky, squeaky doors around here lately, so I decided to be productive and oil ’em up. I grabbed the 3-in-1 and tackled all of them, including the medicine cabinet doors in the bathroom. Ta-dah! No more creaking. Just nice, soothing peacefulness when reaching for toothpaste and lotion. The one drawback? Now every time you open the left door, it swings open with a whoosh and smacks the light fixture next to the mirror. It was especially funny when I was lying in bed this morning and heard a thud, followed by my husband’s laughter as he noticed the same phenomenon. So…is it better to have creaky doors or a broken light?

Do you know these 100 words? I heard this bit on NPR months and months ago and bookmarked it with the best of intentions. Now I’m thinking I must do something to compete with all the kids out there who are studying away at them to ensure they “have a superior command of the language.” I’ll keep ya posted.