Tree shopping

Pick a tree…any tree

I’m not a fake-tree gal. At least not yet. Although it would probably be a whole lot easier. And it’s not like we have one of those go-to-a-tree-farm-and-saw-down-a-tree-and-drink-cider rituals. No. We travel just three short blocks to the Booster Club tree lot and pick one out. We tried a nursery one year, but paid $60 for a tree that lost most of its needles by Christmas Day.

With this option, I pay only $35 for frasier fir that seems pretty sound. We’re also helping some sort of organization with our purchase (I never think to ask which). Plus, the young man who sawed off the end of the trunk and helped load it into our car was friendly and made a few jokes. Gotta like that. The biggest kick I get is that lots like this one make remind me of Charlie Brown and Linus in search of their tree, especially the naked bulbs dangling overhead.