Shopping funk

A bit o’ tinsel

Well, today was a day that I thought would be productive. Laurel, Reji and I trooped down to the Holiday Artists’ Market at the UICA, where there were many good things to be had. Yet they all seemed to be items that I would buy for myself. And that’s just not the best karma during the gift-giving season, now is it? I found a great purse that I couldn’t bring myself to purchase because it seemed so wrong. Too much guilt would have befallen me.

Then I headed to Holland, one of my favorite cute-stuff shopping areas, to look at some of the offerings there. Well, at least I found more decor to add to my growing collection. (I don’t feel guilty about decor…it’s a necessary thing in bringing cheerfulness and festivity to my home. It’s not really about me, it’s about the house, ya know?) But nothing for mom. Or any of the other recipients on my short but uncompleted list.

And while I’m on the subject of gift giving. Why on earth is it so hard to buy for men? Do any of you other gals experience this? I have two men in my life that I’d like to find gifts for, and I’m coming up with zilch. When I’m out browsing stores, it’s usually easy enough to find something for my mom, or a friend, or even a friend’s kid (except for today, of course), but next to impossible to unearth a clever item for the guys.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the best day for crossing things off my list. At least I have a few weeks left.