Now for the cinnamon rolls


You know how you realize something is probably not good for you, but it looks so tasty, that you decide to go ahead and make it anyway? That’s where I was with these cinnamon rolls. I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before. I haven’t eaten that many either, to be honest. Most of the bakeries near […]

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Kiss us, we’re Irish


We are waiting, sort of patiently, for spring to arrive. I think this past winter (it’s officially spring, so I think I’m allowed to put it in the past, cold temps withstanding) will be one for the record books. Well, at least I hope it will. If I have that to look forward to for […]

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More potatoes and a candle


Since my last potato post, we went on a vacation. But I’ll go against my instincts of posting in chronological order and share today’s meal first. Because it was super easy to make and super delicious. Red potatoes + sweet potatoes = potato goat cheese gratin. The original recipe called for squash, but my two […]

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Mr. Potato, I love you!


I made a mistake the other day that was one of those awesome I’m-glad-I-made-that-mistake mistakes. You’ve had them, right? I wanted to make a pizza with potatoes on it. With goat cheese. Doesn’t that sound gooooood? So I was going to roast the potatoes and then bake up the pizza. Didn’t work. The potatoes started […]

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Holy butter, Batman!


I kind of knew better. I pinned these cookies a while back, but I’ve been avoiding them. Why? Because there are 18 tablespoons of butter in the cookie and the frosting combined. Ay-yi-yi! Before I had to give up gluten, my favorite recipe source was Cooking Light. I like to eat good food, but I […]

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