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We’ve dubbed these the Poop-tastic cupcakes


Yes, yes, childish humor, I know. But Dev and I both agreed that our novice attempt at being creative with chocolate frosting slightly resembled dog poo.

You’ve seen, I’m sure, those lovely photos of cupcakes with the perfect, thick swirls of frosting crowning each? These are close, no?

The cupcakes themselves are paleo except for the chocolate chips I used. They’re from Against All Grain’s first cookbook. I took the batter for chocolate cake and simply went with cupcakes. The frosting is the same I used for the cake we made previously. I considered going with the buttercream in the AAG book, but it was more time-consuming than I felt prepared to tackle today. So not at all paleo.

I see merits in that approach to eating, but I’m not following it. Just borrowing some recipes from time to time, since deleting refined sugars from my diet is never a bad thing. And the non-gluten angle is just a natural benefit of their approach. There can be such a thing as too much almond and coconut flour, though.

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