Apparently this is how Canadians say, “Danger: Electricity”; Grandville Island, Vancouver : August 2003

By my observations, there are subsets of people in our culture.

  1. Those who say “Hello” or “Good morning”
  2. Those who gleefully say “Hello” or “Good morning”
  3. Those who smile in greeting
  4. Those who say absolutely nothing
  5. Those who say absolutely nothing while giving you a cold, hard, lifeless stare

I’m usually a subset #3, responding quite happily to subsets #1 and #2. Sometimes, though, I can achieve subset #1, usually only managing a “Morning” instead of a full “Good morning.” It’s the people in subsets #4 and #5 who work my last nerve (reference ala 1989).

Like the woman I encountered on my morning walk/jog yesterday whom I greeted with my best subset #1 “Hello!” only to receive a huge subset #5 in return. She was pushing a baby stroller. How can a woman pushing a cute little baby in a stroller be so incredibly unkind and unresponsive? It’s just not right. And it was pretty darn defeating. Good thing I was at the end of my walk.

So which subset are you?


Late-summer zinnia

The flowers are still blooming, but summer is winding down. My husband joshes me because every year I say, “Wow! I can’t believe it’s Labor Day weekend already.” Time goes by so quickly. One minute our ever-so-anticipated trip to the Pacific Northwest was months away. The next it was over. I try to remind myself not to rush things…to just simply enjoy the moment. Because before you know it, the moment will be a memory.