He looks older here

Which fits with his current opinion that he KNOWS EVERYTHING.

Before I had a kid of my own, I had my fair share of encounters with little imps. And I’ve seen this stage many times before. When they correct you at every opportunity, when they start to challenge your knowledge.

I found those other kids super-duper annoying. (What? I’m allowed to find kids annoying when they’re not mine, you know.*)

To be fair, though, I’m finding Dev to be slightly annoying during the know-it-all moments too. He just argued with me for ten minutes tonight about the brand of super soaker he has. He insists it’s a Nerf because he saw a Nerf super soaker on TV. But guess what? It’s not a Nerf. I bought it for him and I know such things. But he refuses to believe me. The stinker.

So how long does this stage of childhood last anyway? Tell me it’s short-lived!

*Actually, a good friend recently told me she never really liked kids until she had her son. I could understand where she was coming from. I liked some of them, but there were a whole lot I would gladly run shrieking from!