Hey, August…can you slow down just a bit?

Whoosh…the days are flying by so quickly! They always do, I know. But it seems like the speedometer’s been bumped up a notch lately. I’d like to have some slower, lazier moments so I can savor the last few weeks before Dev goes back to school. Back. To. School. Yikes! First grade this year. And he’s reading like crazy already. I’m so happy I take as many photos as I do so I can lock in some of the memories. There’s certainly not enough room in the regions of my grey matter to store it all away.

I won’t, however, soon forget the trip we took last week to Legoland. One, because he was so thrilled. Two, because he and Jack never stopped talking. Even on the ride home when they were SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING. Stinkers.