Apple? Cheddar? Bacon? Together? Yes!

Yes, I was excited when I read the title of the recipe too. Those three yummy tastes in one loaf of bread? It’s too good to be true.

I had no intention of making this today. I had two other things lined up for the oven in preparation for tomorrow. But I made the mistake of browsing Pinterest this morning and I just couldn’t resist adding this to the menu too. The popover recipe (which I’ll show ya below) only makes six. So this will augment that so everyone gets their fill of carbs.




So here are those popovers I mentioned above. I love popovers. I don’t know why it took me so long to bake my own, but I’ve been hooked ever since. So easy! And delicious. And addictive. These were supposed to feature four different herbs, but fresh chive and dill were the only ones I had. I haven’t tried them yet since we’re saving them for tomorrow, but they smell divine. So they can’t taste bad, right?




In the spirit of working backward here, which seemed necessary so that I could feature the bacon-oriented food at the beginning of the post, this was where I started this afternoon. Dev asked for apple pie for dessert. Poking around on Pinterest (yes, again), I discovered this clever take that seemed a bit more fun. And possibly less bothersome when it comes to crusts and such. Also, Grandpa is diabetic and I wanted an option with less sugar, and this seemed like it would work nicely.

So I give you…the making of gluten-free apple pie crostatas.




And now that the baking is finally done, I’m going to relax and enjoy this spring weather. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Apple? Cheddar? Bacon? Together? Yes!”

  1. Your popovers turned out beautifully Lorilea, and I’m sure the combination of dill and chives will be fantastic!

    I also don’t know why it took me so long to make them however as you may have read in my post with the recipe you used, it took be over 20 test batches to get them just right. As simple as they are, they are ‘sensitive’! Thanks for linking to the recipe and I hope you’ll enjoy them tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, Toni! And I have to say that I appreciate all of the work you went through to find the magic combination – all of the advice you gave throughout was helpful.

  3. Lori,

    As usual you offer an exciting AND healthy treat. I always appreciate your creative baking ideas and your gluten free recipes are welcomed especially since you’ve already tried them for us. You are a baker extraordinaire.

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