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Now for the cinnamon rolls

You know how you realize something is probably not good for you, but it looks so tasty, that you decide to go ahead and make it anyway? That’s where I was with these cinnamon rolls.

I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before. I haven’t eaten that many either, to be honest. Most of the bakeries near me bake up versions that are as big as your head. I tend to be a more modest eater of baked goods.

But I saw a photo on Pinterest and it just called to me. The recipe seemed pretty straightforward too. So there ya go…I had to do it.


I got a bit discouraged at this point when I realized I now had to roll all of this dough up into a log. I was right to be wary, too, since the dimensions I’d been instructed to roll to made for some pretty thing dough. Dev walked by when I was in the midst of it and about to give up and said, “You’re doing great, Mama!” So I persisted and grabbed dough from the ends to cover all of the spots where the brown sugar was tumbling out.


And that’s why my log looks a little, um, homely. I figured no one would really care about the appearance if they actually tasted good.


And they did! Taste good, that is. Not just good. Really good. I had to make myself stop picking at them while they were cooling.

Of course, just because they’re gluten-free doesn’t mean they’re better for you. Uh-uh. These clocked in at more than 400 calories each. So I’ve been trolling around for some alternative recipes that might make me feel a bit less guilty. But I don’t really regret trying this out. Especially when Dev requested one for breakfast the next day.