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Mr. Potato, I love you!


I made a mistake the other day that was one of those awesome I’m-glad-I-made-that-mistake mistakes.

You’ve had them, right?

I wanted to make a pizza with potatoes on it. With goat cheese. Doesn’t that sound gooooood? So I was going to roast the potatoes and then bake up the pizza.

Didn’t work. The potatoes started to burn. Ack! Panic! So I grabbed the tray from the oven and tried to rescue the unburned ones. I popped one of the browned potato slices in my mouth and…




A potato chip that tasted FAR, FAR better than the potato chips you get in a bag. Why on earth had I never tried this before? Just a little bit of olive oil and some sea salt and I was smitten. Completely and utterly smitten.

Since we have a big ol’ bag of potatoes on the counter right now, tonight I decided to make potato chips on purpose. And, yes, it was the same deliciousness as before. One potato for Devin, one for me. Happy, happy, joy, joy!DSC_4758