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Chocolate chip yumminess


Amazon delivered my 5-lb. bag of almond flour today.

On the back of said bag of flour was a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Looking through the ingredients I was happy to note that I had everything I needed to make them. So why not, right?

So, so glad that I did. These were guuuuuud!

I ate four.


It was sad. But not sad, too, because I found another go-to recipe. One which also passed muster with the kiddo, who was a little confused by how soft they were, but otherwise pleased. (These are rather “oily” in consistency when you bake them and they have to set for a bit after you take them out of the oven in order to firm up. I brought Dev his when they were still warm and soft.)

DSC_4653 DSC_4647

And then Nick started goofing around in the kitchen. So I had to include him in the post. DSC_4662