Catching up with the Smiths

What have we been up to lately?

Well, fall came and went. Luckily, we did get a chance to enjoy it before the snow took over. And? It’s Thanksgiving this week. That came up crazy fast!

We hiked.IMG_4269 IMG_4270

We hung out with some dinosaurs.IMG_4282

We did not visit the planetarium because it was closed, but that didn’t stop us from having some fun with the props.IMG_4284

We humiliated the kitten by placing a tiny baseball cap on his head. Go, Whitecaps!IMG_4262

We snuggled really close to him, too. IMG_4302

We manned our scooping/cleaning/petting shifts at Crash’s.IMG_4324

We got sick. Ugh. First the kid, then the parents. Thank goodness for Netflix!IMG_4331

We met some nice owls. IMG_4356

Dad started teaching him guitar, which makes him happy.IMG_4366