They lie!

In endless magazine articles and books, I’ve read that if you get your child involved in choosing and preparing the food, they’ll eat it.

They obviously haven’t met Devin.

Devin was home again on Monday with strep throat. (I say again because he’s managed to catch it twice in two weeks. Quite the talent!) We had planned the weekend before to make banana bread, but never gotten around to it. So I whipped up a batch before the bananas went bad.

A couple of days later, when he was feeling better and could eat more than applesauce and saltines, Scott encouraged him to try a piece. A piece of the banana bread that he (the littler he of the two) had asked me to make. The bread he’d wanted to help me with. The bread he’d asked me to add chocolate chips to. He took a bite and said, “It’s all right. Can I have a piece of candy?”

Oh, for the love!

I’ve somehow raised a kid who would prefer to have something from a package than something homemade. I’m not quite sure how that happened. Although my cooking prowess has diminished over the past couple of months, I was doing plenty of it when he was little. He even baked with me several times. He’s also made his own salad creations that he’s been so proud of. Filled with spinach, strawberries, feta cheese and pine nuts. But then he sits at the table and chooses everything but the salad to eat. How does that work?

He may be cute, but he’s not chock full of vitamins and wholesome ingredients!