That moment

I experienced what I’ll call “that moment” this weekend as Dev was frolicking at the beach.

I should say that I’ve had other “moments” like this before. But this one kind of struck me dumb for a few seconds.

He was galloping down to the water to grab some wet sand when I just noticed how not small he was. Yes, not small. No longer a baby. Or a toddler. Or a chubby-cheeked tot. Not hardly. He’s tall and lanky and bony and kid-like.

He’s worn bathing suits all summer long, but as he was building his sandcastle and then running amok in the splash pad, I felt like I was seeing him for the first time. The lean-ness. The kid-ness. In some ways, I probably am. I’ll never get the baby, the toddler or the little munchkin back. (Thank goodness I take tons of photos!) But I’ll embrace the kid, the tween, the teenager and the adult he’s going to become.

After the shock wears off, that is.

And these are just for fun…