The new addition

My mom lost her yorkie a year and a half ago. Since that time there’s been a big debate about if and when she’d be getting another four-legged friend. Over the last few months the chatter has increased. So I had a feeling something would be happening soon enough. Still, she had so many excuses for NOT getting a dog (we need to finish the fence, it’s going to be expensive, I want an older dog and they all seem to be puppies). Then she started up with all of the requirements she had for whichever pup she ended up with (5-7 years old, 15 pounds, can’t shed, shouldn’t have any medical issues, female, yadda yadda). I was beginning to wonder if there’d be a canine companion after all.

Finally, the wait is over. Meet Abby (the 5-lb. yorkie-shihtzu mix)!