20090426-dsc_2290I bought this cactus to foil my cat. Not the one in the photo, who surprised me by trying to eat it too. But the naughtier one who takes great pleasure in devouring any plant that steps foot — or pot — inside our door. I haven’t had fresh flowers in many, many years. And, yes, I’m slightly bitter about that.

So today Dev and I were strolling through the garden center and we came across the cacti. I chose the one with the longest spikes. (Hey, the plant needs some strong defenses against those feline choppers.)

When we got home, I put the cactus on the floor and invited Lucy over to investigate it. Figured they may as well get to know each other right away. She made several attempts to chew the spikes, but the plant and I prevailed. She got a little prick on the nose and wasn’t too happy about it. She backed up several paces and looked at me with some curiosity.

I know it sounds a bit mean, but all I’m asking for here is a small spot of greenery in my home. Why can’t she just stick with her cat food, I’d like to know.