I can run for miles and miles

So I’ve written a bit on this blog about my attempts to run. It hasn’t been an easy activity for me to take up for whatever reason. My body is happy to walk really really really fast, but when I kick up the RPMs, my lungs rebel.

Anyway, after many months of trying, last summer I finally hit the mile mark. Wahoo! It seemed to correlate with my purchase of my iPod Shuffle, funny enough. When I started to run with music blasting through my skull, my lungs seemed to forget they were stressed out and I could go farther. Wheeee!

Then I got an injury. Which lasted way too long and took me back to, you guessed it, square one.

And again I’ve been climbing up this steep hill in my quest to regain my claim that “I can run a mile!” Today, after months of being buried in my gym bag and after donning the headphones this weekend only to find out it needed to be charged, I plugged in my Shuffle and off I went.* Four entire laps in a row. (Which is two laps shy of a mile, you see.) I think it’s hilarious how much of a difference it makes. Hey, maybe I’ll even hit that mile by next week!

<small>*Pounding the track to the Once soundtrack, which I adore.</small>