Day 1, which is really Day 2

One of the other reasons I wanted to get this blog hassle out of the way was to start my new 365 project. You know. On Day 1: Jan. 1.

Let’s not let one day derail that, tho.

I made it through 365 days of photos a while back. It was a challenge, but I really did enjoy it. And I felt great when I completed it.

My recent dearth of creativity, I believe, calls for a shot in the arm. So why not try again? This time I thought I’d also blog the photos here. Among any other entries I might want to log.

So, here’s the first pic:


Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. That’s what it is! And it’s guuuuud. I made it with the kiddo, who helped with the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Then he stirred the cinnamon and sugar together and helped me sprinkle it on top. Yum.

Or Yum-o! as Rachel would say. Fitting, since this is one of her recipes.