Can you tell he likes cars?

It’s about all he talks about most days. As he sat there pushing them back and forth, sending them flying through the air, and careening them into each other, he was giving me a play by play. Constant chatter. And I must listen intently to every word of it or he gets frustrated. So I sat for more than half an hour listening to the exploits of his racing cars and their dare-devil adventures. It’s not a bad way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Omigosh that takes me back to when Drew was Dev’s age. He had an alter-ego named Risky. Now, Risky was primarily a ‘racecar driver’ but he also was the main character in most of Drew’s daily chatter – every daring exploit a 4-year old could imagine had Risky at its center. And we heard all about every one of them in the stream of that constant chatter. It was difficult sometimes to pay proper attention, but I’ll tell you what, the things he talked about in those days now seem way more interesting (and safe!) at times than the real-life Drew exploits I hear about now!

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