He wanted to wear one of the buttons to day care today


Barack Obama visited GR last night, where he was endorsed by John Edwards. Oh, the excitement! I kid you not. We’re a pretty Democratic household if you count the two voting adults, so having Mr. Frontrunner in our midst was definitely a wonderful thing.

We talked about taking Devin down there, but I had to beg off with a tummy ache. So Scott fed the kid and took him downtown to mingle with the crowds. He knew they probably wouldn’t get into the arena. Instead, they congregated on the sidewalk outside and listened via loudspeaker. Scott told me that Devin even clapped right along with everyone else.

Are we trying to influence our son at such a young age? Nah. We are educating him on a very simple level about politics. Sure, we both have a tendency toward Obama, but Devin also knows who Hillary and John McCain are. Scott quizzes him at the breakfast table some mornings with photos he finds in the newspaper. So the child has endorsed all three candidates, depending on his mood.

It was a historical moment for our city and in this political contest, so I’m very glad that Devin could witness it.