First plant purchase of the season


I couldn’t resist stopping by one of my favorite little garden shops today on the way to pick up Devin. I meant to just look around, but, um…yeah.

These penstemons caught my eye. How could I not get them?

Devin’s eager to help me in the garden, which makes me almost giddy. He even asked if we could plant these tonight, although I was more interested in relaxing on the deck than digging holes.

I’m not sure if he has a true understanding of what helping in the garden entails, but I’m sure he’ll hang in there for at least a few minutes. Especially after what I experienced this weekend as he chipped right in with my mom and me as we yanked weeds and edged flower beds. I’m going to buy him some seeds of his own to sow, so I’m sure he’ll be even more invested in the “work” of it all.