Doing my part for the planet, sort of

Maggie’s turn for a photo

I have such good intentions sometimes, but my brain doesn’t always cooperate.

I recently bought four or five reusable bags from our local grocery store and proudly carted home my purchases. Yet since then, I’ve made probably four or five trips to get groceries and such and I’ve forgotten to bring the bags inside with me. Each time. Including this morning when I had a ton of stuff in my cart.

My brain. It’s gone AWOL. If you see it, can you send it my way?

3 thoughts on “Doing my part for the planet, sort of”

  1. i’ve done this same thing! i think they need to refund you one penny every time you bring in your bags. This would probably encourage people to think ahead. But perhaps not…. Sad though that I think they should pay US to be enviromentally conscience.

  2. I did the same thing when I first got them. I had to keep them in the front seat of my car. Then you kind of get in the habit. Now, I just need to carry one when I go other places. Like the other day, I should have brought on into Children’s Place, but I forgot! It’s definitely a learning curve.

  3. Yep, after forgetting about 5 times after buying a load of them, we now keep them in the car too… when we remember to take them back out.

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