The escaped convict


Lucy isn’t allowed outside. For various reasons. Number one being that I had her front claws removed, which I’d undo if I could. But I can’t. So she’s front-clawless and thus defenseless.

Secondly, I have no desire to see my cat squashed by a car. The mere idea gives me the willies.

Thirdly, she bee lines for the grass. Any greenery. She’s not picky at all. As long as it’s green, she’s going to eat it. Then she proceeds to come back inside and throw it up.

She wants to be outside as much as I want to keep her inside. So she plants herself near the door in hopes that some clueless soul will let their attention slip and leave the door open a tad too long. Then…zing!

Tonight I went outside for a few minutes and returned to the door to see one dog head and one cat head peering in my direction. So I just decided to let her out and see what happened. She got maybe three minutes of fresh spring air before she found a big thicket of grass near the deck and started to chow down.

I think those three minutes were quite happy ones for her, though.