I need that smile right now


I’m exhausted. I’ve been coughing nearly non-stop for the past week. I can now relate to what Devin must go through with his horrible coughing spells. I cough so hard that my lungs and my head just ache. And I’m just perpetually tired.

I’m trying not to whine. It’s just tough feeling so dragged out all the time. The worst, I guess, is that I’ve become so committed to my fitness routine, to staying healthy and being active. And being active right now is one of the things that triggers a coughing spell.

I did go to the doctor this week to see if she could help. She gave me an albuterol inhaler, which seemed fair enough since that’s what we give Dev when he’s having an episode. But apparently my body doesn’t like it so much. I ended up in the ER yesterday feeling lightheaded, jittery, and short of breath. I tell ya, it’s been a fun week.

So I’m gonna go grab a magazine and hunker down in tonight and will myself to have a better weekend. If I can even manage a simple dog walk by Sunday, I’ll be happy. It’s the little things, right?