Under the (spring) weather

Don’t ya love those wispy things attached to the sedum?

I don’t think I’ve touched my camera in a week. Devin came down with the bug on Sunday and was sick for two days. Then I came down with it and was sick for two days. Then Scott got it and was sick for, I think, two days. I was losing count at that point. I went back to work for two days, then relapsed just in time for the weekend.

F.U. Flu.

It’s a darn lucky thing that I wasn’t sick much last year during my 365. I can’t imagine how I would have pulled that off this week. As it is, I missed week 11 of my “He & Me” series. That kind of bums me out. I’m obsessive that way. When I set a goal like that, I’m determined to fulfill it. But I’m going to let that one go without a fight and just get back on the bandwagon this week.

If I can get the kid to stand still for two seconds!