Slappity slap


So it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’m upstairs updating my blog while the hubby is watching the game solo. I just don’t care about either team enough, I guess. I did, however, partake in the food portion of the event. I mixed up some chicken nachos. They were darn good, from the grown-up perspective. The kid has decided to boycott most real meals lately. So he had an orange.

I’m back to feeling mostly even in the mood department, although my crankiness isn’t totally gone. I need to work on it. I need to find time to myself during the day when I can actually write down my feelings and try some of the relaxation exercises my therapist has recommended. I definitely haven’t been doing my homework.

I did get my gym time in today, which is always a good thing. My normal routine tends to be three miles on the track followed by weights. Today I couldn’t really slog through the whole cardio portion. (Damn chest cold seems to have reared its ghastly head again.) But I did make it two miles.

That brings me to this weird thing that’s been happening the past few weeks. There’s this guy who runs on the track. I’ve “known” of him for a while now because one of his shoelaces makes this crazy slapping sound through each stride. So I can always hear him coming up behind me. I noticed him several months ago, along with another guy who grunts as he runs. There’s something about the noisiness of it, I suppose. (Boy, do I need an iPod now!)

Lately, the lace-slapping guy has been around a lot. I didn’t notice it right away. But last week, it hit me that he’s there pretty much every time I am. Which is a bit crazy since I haven’t been all that reliable on my dates and times. Sure, I usually go on Sunday. But it could be 11:00 or 1:00. And sometimes I go Tuesday morning and other times Wednesday after work. And as I’m running along, I’ll hear that lace-slapping coming up behind me. Then he cruises on by.

It’s just weird.

I in no way think he’s stalking me. I don’t find him attractive and I’m fairly sure he doesn’t feel that way about me either. I just can’t figure out how we keep “running” into each other. Today when I heard those laces, I almost laughed out loud. I even discreetly glanced at him as he ran by to see if he was having the same reaction. I swear he doesn’t even notice a thing. Maybe he just runs that loop all day long.

Ponder, ponder.