Progress (or not!)

I had a great session with my trainer this morning. I’ve somehow lost three pounds since we returned from our vacation. Clueless as to why, but it feels good to be making some progress.

So how do I celebrate? Chocolate chip cookie and a small home-baked cookie bar that was no doubt still loaded with calories (darn client and their going-away spreads). I then capped off the evening with and a cup of ice cream (low-fat, yes, but still!).

Shoot self in foot. Repeat.

Luckily I wasn’t in the mood for dinner tonight so I didn’t overindulge in that area.

Onward and hopefully not too much upward, right?

Two more ornaments have arrived. Yay! I totally love checking the mail these days.

This one was made by Kristalyn in Mississippi and it’s filled with lavender. Love.


And I can’t believe Shandy (in Washington) put so many of these together. The only way I could participate was if I created something simple. I have no idea how these girls find the time to be so crafty.