All she wrote


I started sharing my photo obsession here on this site. Yet when I discovered Flickr a few years ago, that obsession kind of, er, exploded. Having another photo outlet allowed me to keep my focus here on the words, rather than forcing a story around a photo.

I link between the two sites from time to time. But I never really made note to readers here about my year-long photo project, which I oh, so creatively titled My Every Day.

Today was the last of that series. An entire year of my life in photos. I struggled with it. There were days I just had no desire to take a photo. But I persevered. Some of them I’m so proud of. Others I certainly would have done differently given 24 more hours in each day.

And there are those, as you can see above, which make me giggle and look back on this past year very fondly. (Although I may not be here tomorrow once the husband logs in and sees that I chose his mug to represent.)