Damn candy corn and Diet Coke!


I have so many issues with food. Both mental and physical.

I’ll start with the mental. I’m just glad I’ve never tried any drugs because I think I would have definitely developed some sort of addiction. My food addictions? Candy corn. Marshmallow Fluff. Peeps. Mochas. Green tea. Goat cheese. Feta cheese. Bread. Kalamata olives. And so many other things.

My physical food issues mostly stem from my IBS. When I eat the wrong thing, man, does it do a number on my body. You definitely do not want to hear the gory details, but one of the unpleasant consequences is that my stomach bloats up like a beach ball. Like it did today. Right after I drank Diet Coke. I don’t even like Diet Coke very much. I also happen to know it’s one of my triggers. But I ordered it at lunch anyway and the rest of the day has been? So. Much. Fun.

I’m trying to find a way to deal with both of these because they’re impacting my fitness efforts. I’ve been rocking the weight-lifting lately and I’m gaining muscle definition and strength. My arms and legs are in the best shape I think they’ve ever been. But my mid section? Many of the aforementioned cravings are really snarking things up in that area.

My personal trainer measured me during our first session and my body fat was, um…this is embarrassing: 31%. I about fainted when she said that. So I started her program and I’ve stuck with it and I can tell it’s making a difference. Then she measured me for the second time a few weeks ago. My arms and legs, like I said, were great. I’d lost inches and body fat in both areas.

My stomach? Well, the grand total again came to 31% so that should tell you something. With that number on paper, I can no longer ignore that sneaking in mochas and mini candy bars has been sabotaging everything I’m working toward. So I’m clamping down on those things and trying to ignore the cravings. Must. Not. Turn. Car. Into. Coffee. Shop. Parking. Lot. (But I caved yesterday with the candy corn. Love that stuff, damn it!)

So, sure…cut down on the sweets big time. But I also have to watch my step with other foods and try to figure out those stupid IBS triggers. Because you can only imagine how uncomfortable it is to run when your stomach is bloated and painful and crampy. I didn’t think I was going to make it through my cardio today. And I was just aghast when I saw my stomach in the mirrors in the weight room.

I made it through the entire workout, though. Something I wouldn’t have even tried to do a year ago. I would have driven my butt home and skipped the gym. So I have that determination going for me. For the first time in my life, working out is a priority. I schedule it in my calendar each week. I plan my week to make sure I get my three sessions in. I walk the dog on off days so I can get more cardio. I plan to win the battle with my belly. Candy corn be damned!