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The places we meet


I have two friends who met on the Internet and have been married for nearly seven years. Happily. But everyone winces when they hear “we met on the Internet” stories. The headlines always blare out the bad stuff that happens.

So where’s this going?

Well, I’ve found myself meeting a few people of my own on the Internet lately. No, not anyone who’s going to break up my marriage. Most of these people are fellow moms who I share parenting fun and challenges with. Oh, and kid photos too. I’ve also met a very nice gentleman who’s a Korean-American adoptee and who connected with me through my stories about Devin. (Hi, Patrick!)

So, yeah, there are some very cool relationships that can be made online. And they don’t have to be of the hot-n-heavy variety.

One of these friends came to town with her family this weekend. Sarah lives in Chicago and I completely forget exactly how I came across her, but it was on Flickr. So last fall, when we were Chicago-bound for the weekend, I asked her if she’d be interested in meeting up so our kids could hang out. And us too, of course. I read her blog regularly and she has a lot of very wise and informed opinions to share.

It was really great to meet the family in person. Cadence and Devin bebopped to some dance music as Superman and Miss Kitty Cat. It was a short visit, but a nice one.

So when Sarah emailed me that they were coming to GR, I was very much up for another chance to get together. This time we had a bit more time to chat. And the kids had a lot more time to run. Run, run, run! I’m used to having Scott to help me corral Dev as he rockets from Point A to Point B, but he had a work trip. Luckily the romping was done mainly on the grounds of Frederik Meijer Gardens, a very safe haven for exploring. I believe the young twosome had a grand time boating, digging and climbing. And did I mention running?