If you have my brain, can you please return it?


Yesterday, after a lovely breakfast with Patti, I returned home to the guys. Scott exited soon afterward to go get his hair cut, so Devin and I were pondering what we should do with our snowy morning. During the debate, I filled up the tea kettle and switched on the stove.

We played a short-lived game of “Stop and Go!” before the kiddo lost interest. Then I remembered the yummy smoothie recipe we’d been eyeing the day before and announced to Devin, “Let’s run out to D&W and grab some stuff to make chocolate smoothies!” (You already know where this is going, I’m sure.) So I grabbed socks, put on his shoes, then put on his boots because he didn’t want to wear his shoes, put on my own boots, stuffed us both into outwear, grabbed my bag, threw some treats to Juliette, and locked up the house.

We only needed a few things at the grocery store, but I was having trouble finding the rice milk (eh, we’ll use soy instead) and the chocolate sorbet (raspberry will have to do). Then we meandered to the check-out lanes and finally made it back to the car.

Juliette greeted me at the door. And so did a very strange sound. A high-pitched sound. A whistling sound. Then I noticed that my dog looked a bit freaked out. I also noticed a strange smell in the air.


I left my house with a tea kettle on.

I am an idiot.

I almost killed my pets.

I almost burned down our home.

I shoved the kid aside as gently as I could and sprinted to the stove to turn off the kettle. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that I’d filled it up with quite a bit of water and there was still about half left. The smell was the hot water, I think.

Scott sauntered in a second later. I was still shaking with the realization of how careless I’d been. I just blurted it all out to him. He was nonchalant about it all, but I still feel guilty about the whole thing.

I swear, if I lose any more brain cells I won’t be able to function at all.