5, 4, 3, 2…1!

While the world is toasting the new year with champagne flutes and fireworks, I shall be snoozing under the influence of the store brand of NyQuil. I’m two days into a very nasty cold, which has had me in my flannel pajama pants and a grouchy mood.

In order to life my spirits a bit, my husband and my son were in cahoots tonight. Whispering and giggling upstairs while I sat unsuspecting in the living room, in the midst of my second novel of the weekend. I heard them “shush shush” each other as they traipsed down the stairs, but in no way would I have ever guessed what they had in store.

After rooting around in the cupboards, the duo paraded into the room, banging wooden spoons against sauce pans and yelling “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The icing on this particular cake? My toddler was wearing only a diaper and a blanket fashioned as a “sash” to make him the ulimate Baby New Year. (Well, he wore all that and a big grin since he was excited about conspiring with Daddy and bumping back his bedtime a bit.)

What a sight!

It certainly ended my year on a high note, my plugged-up ears and stuffy nose forgotten for a good five minutes or more.

I guess I’ll see you in 2007. Happy new year to you and yours!