You know what I hate?

Well, that’s a loaded question. To be honest, I could probably come up with more than one thing. But my biggest gripe right now is with myself.

I think of things throughout the day that I need to do, that I should do, that I would absolutely benefit from on some level if I’d JUST DO IT. Things that would make my life easier, my house cleaner, my confidence soar simply from the act of being efficient. And when it comes time, at the end of each day, to actually kick into productivity mode, I can’t remember a single one of those thoughts. They simply flitted off into Nowhere Land.

I obviously need to write things down.

If I don’t, my life will be taken over by my OCD behavior of checking Flickr every 15 minutes. Damn photo-sharing site!

I’m going in search of a pad of paper as soon as I post this. And as soon as I check Flickr again.