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The aliens are coming!

Over lunch today in the cafeteria, Amy and I pored over the usual topics: kids, husbands, work, annoying people, etc. All the things we have in common. And then she shared with me this very interesting dream she had last night. (She doesn’t read this blog, so I don’t think I’m in danger of her shooting me, but one never knows.)

So in this dream, Amy was on a plane flying back from Mexico when she and the other passengers saw aliens descending in their ships from the sky. I’m watching in awe as she’s telling me this, thinking of that horrible late-90s movie with the evil aliens destroying Earth. With that bland actor as the president. Bill something or other. I honestly can’t remember anything anymore.

But on to the dream…

The aliens are coming to Earth in mile-long caravans of spaceships and I’m thinking something very horrible is about to happen.

Were they here to slaughter us? Or to steal our old pop bottles to power up their spacecraft? Or to do brainwave experiments? Or to find out what’s really behind the longevity of The Simpsons?

Nooooooo. These aliens were here to teach people to be considerate.


Amy dreamed that.

Which tells you something very good about Amy. Truly. (No, not that she’s crazy!)

But what a wonderful dream? You know, the idea of a massive invasion of aliens who are hell-bent on saving this planet from rude morons is highly appealing to me. Especially since I encounter these people throughout my day. In traffic during my commute. In the hallways at work. In the flower shop while looking for gifts. In the bookstore when looking for more gifts. In the grocery store when reaching for the green peppers. This planet has been overrun by inconsiderate people and I’d rejoice if some little green army came and set them straight.

Maybe it wasn’t a dream. Maybe it was really a premonition or a prediction of sorts. My fingers are firmly crossed.