I ate this!


And it was darn good!

I met up with some fellow Flickrers at Bobby J’s in downtown GR Thursday night. It was a fun evening.

Though a lot of my friends would find this hard to believe, based on my very talkative and sometimes very loud nauture, I can be pretty shy when meeting new people. This is especially true when I have to arrive somewhere solo. In the past I would even skip those types of things. It was easier to decline than to deal with my nerves.

I guess I’ve grown out of that a bit. But I’m still perturbed with myself for not migrating to the other end of the table afterward to catch up with the nice folks down there who were out of earshot. Something I’d absolutely do with my current friends in the same situations. Instead, I stayed put and chatted with my neighbors, which was fun in itself. I got to know Terry, Katie, Tommy and Andy a lot better. But then I missed out on talking with Matt, Rick, Brad and Scot. The middle of the table is definitely the place to be.