OK…I just have to share

I was going through some stuff on my desk yesterday and came across an old newsletter from Dev’s day care. I was about to put it in the recycling when I noticed an odd headline about mail service. I thought, What’s day care doing with mail? So I perused the article I’d skipped over last time and learned that they offer this very cool service.

You make a card/note/letter for your child and drop it in the mailbox. Children in the older classrooms are in charge of checking the mailbox and delivering the mail to the other kiddos. So they get mail from Mommy and Daddy during the day.

How cool is that?

So this morning I put together a short and simple “card” for Dev with a nice red heart on it and a note from us saying that we loved him and hoped he was having a wonderful day. Then I put in in an envelope with his name and room and instructed Scott to mail it when he got to school.

When I arrived today, I asked his teacher if he got it. “Oh, yeah!” she said. “He took it to sleep with him at naptime.” I got little pinpricks of tears in my eyes when she said that. One of the other teachers told me that he took it to the gym with him and wouldn’t let go of it.

I’m so glad I did it. I knew he’d enjoy it, but I had no idea how much. And to think I almost recycled that newsletter.