All of a sudden I’m popular

I jest.

Actually, I’m just amazed at the power of Flickr sometimes.

I’m not a super-duper photographer. I’m a person who snaps photos. Some of which I have to admit I’m pretty proud of. But I’m in no way trying to earn money or recognition for my photos.

So the fact that I recently received a check for two of my photos from a company was pretty cool. I did a cute little Happy Jump when it arrived in the mail. I deposited the check and went about my life.

Then I get two emails. Within 24 hours. Asking if it’s OK to use my photos. Photos they found on Flickr. One would be used in a brochure. One on a well-known website. I can’t name names at this point, but…hot diggety! It’s just a very nice feeling to have someone say, “Hey, I really liked that photo of blankety-blank and I’d like to know if I could use it in our new brochure.” Um, sure!

So I just had to crow a teeny-tiny bit about it.

You understand, right?