Toasted oatmeal with raisins and apples…and a Halloween napkin

This was soooo easy to make. And soooo good.

I used to hate oatmeal. When I was at Camp Merrie Wood, they had a rule in the caf. You had to take three bites of everything before you could leave the table. I HATED oatmeal day. I would heap mounds of brown sugar and syrup on top and scrunch up my face as I ate those dreaded bites. It was just gross.

But I’ve learned, as an adult (well, as a more mature adult), that trying things a second or third time can sometimes change your mind. Many of those no-way foods from childhood are now in my kitchen. I’ve even, way late in the game, started eating some fish. I still can’t get my head around mushrooms, though.

5 thoughts on “Ahhhh…breakfast!”

  1. hey! i had oatmeal for breakfast today too, but it didn’t look half as yummy as yours. just the normal cafeteria goop. i piled on the granola and dried cranberries to help it go down. apples sound so much more appetizing though. it IS apple season, isn’t it? mmmm…i love autumn…

  2. I really dislike fish, I never ever liked anything about it. But I guess I keep trying, maybe I’ll get as lucky as you did when the years pass by…

  3. I love oatmeal…and have been trying it all sorts of ways because I’ve gone low G.I. and oatmeal is highly healthy for you. I’d love to have this recipe….

  4. mushrooms! now there’s a hurdle i will never leap: i don’t like the texture, i don’t like the smell, and i don’t like the taste…

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