How much caffeine is too much?

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I know people who brag about how they can function just fine on five hours of sleep. Not me. No way. No how. Seven works. Eight is better. Five stinks. Four, well, that’s just unbearable.

So I grabbed a mocha this morning. Then I drank two cups of green tea. And I just ventured down to the vending machine and snagged a 20-oz. Diet Coke.

Do you think that will help perk me up? Please say yes.

2 thoughts on “How much caffeine is too much?”

  1. Who gets eight hours of sleep? Let me at them!

    Seriously. When I get to doing things I forget about bed and just want to stay up but then I pay dearly the next day and coffee doesn’t even help.

    This reminds me it’s time for bed……


  2. It will definitely help in the short term. As for sleep, sadly I’m one of those people who has learned to live on four hours of sleep. Is it ideal? No. Do I love sleep? Yes.

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