Do you ever have a day where everything seems to tilt toward the negative? That’s kind of where I’m at right now. It’s actually more like a few days. I know it will end soon. But it’s quite exhausting to have a seemingly endless list of “stuff” to fret about. I need to snap out of this funk, but I’m not getting enough sleep on top of it all. Sure, I could chalk it up to the worrying, but the idiot who sped down my street, hit his brakes too late, flew through the stop sign, and smashed into the curb outside of my bedroom window at 5:00 this morning played a big role as well.

4 thoughts on “Blah”

  1. Everyone’s funk is their own and I would not diminish it or try. Experience is real regardless of the plight of others in contrast to your own.

    I’m newly newly divorced, separated since May after 18 1/2 years of marriage. I just dropped off my lovely (nearly) 14 year old daughter at HER house to come to MY house. Alone. Usually that doesn’t bother me but lately the feelings of loneliness hit a bit harder.

    I have to admit that in absence of having my family running around my house I probably rely too much on the internet for my companionship…but honestly what else is there to do?

    So, leaving her at her house and coming to mine, the first thing I check is my inbox – nothing. Kinda sad for some reason tonight that nobody has thought about me which is crazy because I just spent time with my daughter and I will do so again tomorrow night and the next. It’s almost not like real divorce as much as I see them. Same church, same neighborhood, same almost everything.

    Except I don’t have someone eagerly waiting for me when I get home to wrap arms around me and kiss me and say they are happy to see me again. Of course I never got that during my 18 year tenure with my exwife either but one day…… day she’ll be mine I pray and hope.

    Sorry for that but I felt like saying it.

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