Beware: bathroom ruminations

I spend three days a week working on-site at one of my clients. As you can imagine, I sometimes have the need to use the facilities. There are many to choose from, really, because there are hundreds of people working here and they planned well for that scenario.

My favorite restroom is the big one that, for some odd reason, gets the least amount of traffic. That may tell you something about me. That I like a little more privacy, maybe?

So there I am this morning, perched on the porcelain throne, in Stall #6 of eight. In comes a co-worker. I hear her shoes clicking purposefully across the floor. Closer and closer. Until she opens the door of the stall RIGHT NEXT TO MINE.

Hello! There are seven empty stalls to choose from. Why does a person enter a bathroom occupied by only one other person and choose the stall right next to them? Was she looking for camaraderie? I wonder if anyone out there might a good explanation for this behavior.

Because I really want to know. Really.