Silly me

For my husband’s birthday on Thursday, I made reservations to attend a special screening of “A Prairie Home Companion” hosted by Michigan Radio. He’s been a fan of Garrison and Co. for years now. And the show’s grown on me a bit too.

Some people may recall my last experience at a Michigan Radio event. After waiting in line for our tickets (and realizing that the average age of the attendees was somewhere around 65), we’d seen Kaomi Goetz, but no other familiar names. Since they were having another event in Ann Arbor that night, I figured that was about all the star power I was going to glimpse. So we parked our butts in our seats with our free popcorn and lemonade.

Scott made a quick trip to the bathroom and returned to inform me that Todd Mundt was outside. “No way!” I said. And I sprang out of my seat before the words left my lips. (God, I’m pathetic.) I was tipsy on one glass of red wine and I zipped out to the lobby so fast that I nearly mowed him over. He was right in front of the doors to the theater. I screeched to a stop and rounded on him and what words came tumbling out of my mouth?

“Hey, I have to tell you something!”

Slightly frightened expression from him. “You do?”

“Yeah! I made you a contact on Flickr!” (See what I mean about PATHETIC!)

“You did?” Looking more frightened.

“Yep I came across your photos of Montreal I love Montreal So I just made you a contact I hope you don’t mind.” All of this did indeed come out without any punctuation. I really do talk that fast. And I really was a bit tipsy.

He actually remembered that event. Me making him a contact and posting a comment or two on his photos. But it’s hilarious, in retrospect, that I would think of that particular topic to broach with him. There really wasn’t much else to say after that profound exchange so I breezily uttered my goodbyes and trounced off to the ladies’ room, leaving him wondering about my sanity.