When all three of us have a free Tuesday


Because neither one of us works downtown these days, we never really venture to the city. And there are many reasons why we should. So today we hopped on down to walk along the Grand River. Not that we did much more than walk, but it was nice to be there nonetheless. Watching the river flow past as we strolled beneath a very blue sky. Watching Devin run to and fro from the playground to the river, trying to decide which was more exciting.

I made a pit stop at Martha’s Vineyard on our way home to check on a wine I’ve been trying to find. Clos Mimi. Syrah. Yum! Downed about three glasses of it at dinner a couple of months ago and haven’t been able to locate it. The guy actually knew what I was talking about, although they didn’t have it. And he recommended another he felt I’d find just as delicious — for only $8.99. It’s on my counter for this weekend.

We stopped by the Nantucket Baking Co. next door, too, and snapped up a loaf of multigrain sourdough.

I have no idea why we don’t do that more often. Especially after I saw the list of pizzas we could easily drive by and pick up.

I adore places like that. Filled to the brim with good food and unique choices. I’ve got the menu on the counter and I plan to use it!